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    Zaha Hadid Architects

    d'leedon is designed by the award-winning Zaha Hadid Architects, d’Leedon is the landmark that represents a luxury of space and offers a panoramic view of Singapore that extends beyond the vicinity. The seven organic and fluid towers growth from private gardens within the site landscape and emerge as large man-made trees while the twelve semi-detached Garden Villas are the expression of the juxtapositions between solid masses and glazed areas.


    Unparalleled Views

    Strategically located at the heart of District 10 and with its vibrant landscape design inspired by the distinct components of mountain ecosystems, d’Leedon offers unparalleled views of Singapore’s skyline and large expanses of greenery such as the Singapore Botanic Gardens and Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, a new urban living experience with no distinction between buildings and green patterns. With an extensive residential amenities and facilities interwoven with six theme gardens, it offers the residents seamless activities which you can enjoy from the indoors to the outdoors.


    Convenience at your doorstep

    Besides its proximity to the Farrer Road MRT station, d'Leedon is also close to eateries and shops at Holland Village, Chip Bee Gardens, and Dempsey Hill, within a short driving distance of the CBD and Orchard Road, as well as the Singapore Botanic Gardens and Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Close to prestigious institutions like Nanyang Primary School, Raffles Girls' Primary School and the National University of Singapore.

  • nature

    d'leedon has different themed gardens that are inspired by the distinct components of mountain ecosystems – rock, forest, water, foothills and meadow. Each garden has a unique character and ambience, created by a kaleidoscope of plant species and paving surfaces that brings out the essence of each thematic garden. The individuality of these spaces is further enhanced through the spatial arrangement of lighting and differing facilities, hence creating a memorable visual and spatial experience as one passes along or across each garden.

    maze garden

    sculpture garden

    chess garden

    scent garden

    hanging garden


  • enjoying art at d'Leedon

    Conceptualised as flowers blossoming in an undulating landscape by Starchitect Zaha Hadid, the entire d’Leedon estate can be perceived as a large piece of art. Seven lofty towers take inspirations from the petals and stamens of flowers and point toward the sky in graceful curves and stepping fingers. The towers are placed on lush green grounds terraced into five bands each with a different theme - rock, forest, water, foothill and meadow - distinct components of a mountain ecosystem in which you can find a unique palette of plant species, water bodies and paving surfaces.

    Within this large piece of art there are yet smaller pieces of sculptures by renowned international and local artists. Placed right at the entrance is Wishing Flower by Nadim Karam, and in an intimate sculpture garden in the heart of the development are Infinity Tree by Xie Ai Ge, Enchanting Girl by Juan G Ripollés and Melody of life by Lim Leong Sing. All on the theme of nature and/or people, and most go into the realm of fantasy to engage our imagination.


    Nadim Karam (b.1957, Lebanon)

    Part child, part flower, this playful work by Lebanese sculptor Nadim Karam engages us in the realm of fantasy. Within the petals are overlapping characters taken from the artist’s rich vocabulary of whimsical forms, reminding us of his larger family of city sculptures which he fondly terms “Urban Toys”.


    Nadim says of this sculpture, “Wishing Flower is the instant when childhood dreams, innocent and fantastical, scatter their magic to the wind.”


    Xie Ai Ge (b.1977, China)

    Chinese sculptor Xie Ai Ge’s Infinity Tree portrays a man climbing a tree to catch a bird, evoking an imaginary scene of rustic country living. It could also be interpreted in a symbolic manner.


    The bird is a sign of freedom, and the distance between the climber and the bird symbolises the gap between man’s worldliness and his enlightenment. The climber’s reaching-out gesture reflects our intrinsic yearning to be freed of our earthly binds to find spiritual liberty.


    Juan G. Ripollés (b.1932, Spain)

    Originally titled in Spanish as Chica Encantadora, Enchanting Girl is a happy and charming girl with a pretty dress and a pearl necklace. On her head is a symbol of everyday life - the paella pan with a smiling face, paella being a well-known rice dish from Spain. Her open arms are welcoming and express her warm hospitality and generosity.


    Lim Leong Seng (b.1950, Singapore)

    Local sculptor Lim Leong Seng’s Melody of Life depicts a mother conveying her love for her child through the language of music. The oversized mother, hollowed-out guitar, and seemingly impossible sitting position of the child tell of the simple joys of life as well as tenderness and beauty of motherly love.

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